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You know you're remarkable when you have your own action figure. #SethGodin

Last updated 6 years ago

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My friend Nathan Hanks just gave me this Seth Godin action figure which got me wondering about who created it and why. I'm a big Godin fan, but I'm not sure he can drive the volume of sales required to make a meaningful profit.  Then again, maybe this is just a cool marketing tactic for his books.  I did a quick search and found the McPhee site that sells the figure which gives this explanation.

"In this new age, the best way to advertise a product is to create a product so remarkable that people will talk about it. Seth refers to these products as purple cows. In other words, there are lots of action figures of movie stars, but the idea of making an action figure of a marketer is surprising and different enough that people will talk about it.  At least we hope so."

That appears to be true because here I am writing about it ;) Also I'm displaying the figure on my office bookshelf where it's a great conversation starter.  Many non-marketers ask about it and after giving a quick explanation I shoot them an email with these links to get them started.  

If you're interested in how all this came about, check out the Q&A with Seth on the McPhee blog.  For example, all the profits from the figure go to charity. And if thats' still not enough on this silly subject then go read Seth's post about it.


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