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2 TV Commercials That Caught My Attention @GMBlogs @FedEx

Last updated 7 years ago

Saw both commercials today while waiting on Thanksgiving dinner.  

GM does a really nice job of getting us to believe in their corporate recovery. They do this by using a concept that Americans' value - falling down and getting back up ready to fight.  They use a good mix of failure/recovery scenes from sports (boxer, Evil Kenevel), history (space program) and entertainment/humor (Animal House Pearl Harbor scene).  It definitely held my attention and created an emotional response - which is what an ad is supposed to do but not many achieve this anymore.

This FedEx commercial is a bit older, but smartly they are running it now during the brouhaha over airport body scans and pat downs.  Good use of humor with the TSA agents criticizing a business traveler's presentation as boring.  


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