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    Do you appreciate bad advertising like I do? #annoyingad

    Last updated 6 years ago

    If you are a fan of the art and science of advertising then you'll cringe at these failures that I point out on my blog about Annoying Advertising.  

    Here's a sampling:

    AT&T - lady in a green house complaining to husband about the cost of signing up for unlimited messaging.  Yeah because people on a tight budget typically have a greenhouse. 

    McRib  - dork on his honeymoon upset about missing the McRib relaunch. Really, that's what you have on your mind as you fly away for your honeymoon.

    Local Tire shop - yodelling cowgirl and dancing Elvis plus some amazing graphic editing 

    Have no beer? Never worry, never fear, Budman is here! #HappyHalloween @Budweiser

    Last updated 6 years ago

    As my mom chronicled my first sip of beer (a Bud) in 1972 I doubt she knew that it would trigger a chain of events leading me to become a superhero. 

    Happy Halloween everyone and remember, Budman says "Drink responsibly."

    When does a black turtleneck, jeans & New Balance sneakers = a brand?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    When Steve Jobs is wearing them.

    Last Halloween I was trying to think of a simple but fun costume.  Then it hit me -- how about Steve Jobs?  I'm about his size, balding with gray stubble, wear glasses, own several pairs of New Balance running shoes and frequently wear black mock turtlenecks.  So when combined with my new iPad I had an easy and super comfortable costume.  My only question was whether or not people would get it.  Well they did.  To a person I was instantly recognized as Steve Jobs and when you think about it, that's amazing.   

    Per my post a few weeks ago, I consider Steve Jobs to be one of the best marketers of our time, heck maybe of all time.  But what I hadn't thought about until seeing it in Newsweek's special edition was that Steve Jobs had created his own personal brand.  

    Newsweek's Robin Givhan describes it perfectly...

    "Steve Jobs personal brand - his mock black turtleneck and jeans - was by no means ad hoc. He looked as he wanted customers to feel - comfortable! If one is intimidated by the CEO, then what does that say about the product?"

    "His style was that of the super smart guy who tutors you through calculus with his brain power, but ultimately makes you love math because of his simple charm. In both his attire and his company, Jobs proved that simplicity is both powerful and elegant."

    Just like the products he designed, the genius of the Job's brand was it's simplicity, ease of use and comfortable style.  Not too rich or flashy (e.g Larry Ellison) and not too boring or geeky (Bill Gates) -- but just right. 


    Rethinking the consumer buying process. A new look at an old question - how do people buy stuff?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Understanding who your consumer is, and how they buy your services is the essential first step in building a good marketing plan.

    There's no debate about that. But there is a lack of understanding about the complexity of today's consumer buying journey where 84% of people use the web to make buying decisions prior to calling or stepping foot in the store.  So I developed a short presentation to:

    • Assess the evolution of consumer buying behavior
    • Explore an updated model to explain consumer buying
    • Review sample consumer buying journeys
    • Identify the impact on local marketing strategy 

    Check out the 5 minute video overview below [don't let my goofy face scare you] and then download the slides from the ReachLocal SlideShare page.  [Tip: read the slide notes on each page for a more detailed explanation of the content]

    This is definitely a work in process so let's get a dialogue going. Please email me or leave a comment here with your thoughts. 

    UPDATE:  I just saw this great infographic on Mashable courtesy of research by @beyond and MBOOTH.  The research conclusions and stats 100% support my thesis that consumers have taken control of the purchase process and are heavily using search, surf and social media to make buying decisions. 

    Greatest TV commercial ever?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Who didn't want the Ginsu? Even as a kid I appreciated the huge value of having a knife that could cut metal and chop wood.  Throw in the matching set of steak knives and 50 year guarantee and it practically sold itself. Seriously though, the Ginsu marketing team built an awesome brand that's embedded in everyone's minds even 30 years later.

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