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    Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success - The Wizard of Westwood Wins Again

    Last updated 6 years ago

    One of the benefits of having kids is that you get to relearn a lot of stuff that you forgot, and learn things that you were never taught when you were in school.  

    It may sound silly, but I've enjoyed the refresher on long division (when's the last time you did that?), the periodic table of elements and human biology.  And while that's basic curriculum for a 5th grader, character development and leadership typically aren't. Except at my daughter's school where they are learning and applying John Wooden's pyramid of success.  Knowing the layers of sedimentary rock is certainly important, but Wooden's approach to team and leadership will serve her well for a lifetime.  

    Check out the official Coach Wooden pyramid of success site. It's chock full of excellent material that anyone in any role can use to improve their individual performance as well as their team's.  Honestly it's one of the best sites I've visited in a long time and well worth your time [especially the videos].  

    P.S. Many thanks to Donna Gamble of Frisco ISD for teaching this great material!

    My favorite pictures about Sales, Marketing & Advertising. Great for presentations or blog posts.

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Shift of advertising & marketing ($) from offline to online (digitization).

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    • death of traditional mktg

    Fueling sales growth.

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    Demotivators(R) make the point without being cheesy like Successories.

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    • teamworkdemotivator


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    Crushing the competition.

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    Does your marketing tell a story? Per @Copyblogger it's an imperative.

    Last updated 6 years ago

    I spent this Labor Day enjoying the cool outdoors in Dallas (after 67 days of 100+ temps) and getting caught up on old emails and blog feeds. Fortunately I had saved this gem by Brandon Yanofsky (@byanofsky) who writes for Copyblogger.  

    In a nutshell, Yanofsky says that we marketers need to stop using boring old copy about features/benefits/value that put our audience to sleep and instead engage them through the power of a memorable story.  

    Interestingly, just last week I was meeting with our content team to review the some new pages of our site (specifically our about us/history) when I got stuck trying to edit the copy.  So I stopped and said "how about I just tell you the story that I'm trying to get across." Then they frantically typed notes as I easily flowed through the story as if I was telling a friend. When I finished it hit all of us that our entire new site should be written in a conversational tone and tell our story.  That's a big depature from our current boring corporate tone, but hey, it's better late than never.    

    Like all of us, it seems Yanofsky is a bit nostalgic about Apple given Steve Jobs stepping down.  Hence he used the 1984 commercial to drive his point home.  It conveys a full, compelling and memorable story in under 60 seconds! Certainly a tall order for the rest of us mere mortal marketers but we need to break free of the corporate gobbledygook or die trying.

    Hey @Google, what the heck is a Zero Moment of Truth? #ZMOT

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Actually I know what it is thanks to your excellent eBook at and your video series developed by Jim Lecinski.  

    This is super content so I hope you don't mind that we're going to use it with our customers to explain something that we've been telling them for years.  Simply that what used to be predictable consumer purchase behavior driven by a few simple newspaper, radio and yellow page ads, is now a complex, fragmented buying journey as they search, discover, learn about and engage with brands across an incredible number of places online (web & mobile!).  

    The implication for our customers is that they must optimize their entire web presence, not just their website.  Web presence is the collection of all the places where consumers find and engage a business including:  search engines, local directories, blogs, video & photo sites, social media profiles, micro-blogs, review & recommendation sites/apps, check-in apps (like Foursquare) and daily deals.  Of course the consumer buying journey is increasingly done on the fly via mobile phones so everything needs to be optimized to take advantage of that fact as well.    

    Near and dear to my heart, the Demand Gen Funnel - New Infographic by @MarketingSherpa

    Last updated 6 years ago

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