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    Website vs. Web Presence - What's the Difference?

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Simply put, the difference is that your website is one place where consumers can learn about your business, while your web presence is the collection of all the places across the web where they find and engage your business.  

    As a local business you can't rely on your website alone to get leads since today's digital consumers find and call you without ever having gone to your site.  For example, I often look for restaurants using the Yelp app on my iPhone and call them directly.  I also see friend's check-ins on Facebook and click to review the business's Place page.  And of course I've bought quite a few Groupon's based on the description on the offer page.  

    These are just a few of the multitude of apps and sites where consumers engage businesses, so to be found you need more than SEO for your site, you need WPO (web presence optimization) for your entire web presence.  That's why we built ReachCast, a new service that optimizes your presence to improve search discovery, social discovery and reputation.  I'm really proud that in such a short time since launching last Fall we've gotten loads of testimonials from happy customers and won the Mashable award for Best Social Media Service for Small Business.  

    The entire wired and wireless media scape in one infographic by @NielsenWire

    Last updated 7 years ago

     Easy to see how mobile internet consumption will surpass wired in a few years as smart phone penetration climbs. 

    Google takes the gloves off

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Per my post the other day, here are two examples of Google aggressively taking on competitors in the local search space. 

    Yesterday Google accused Bing of copying their search results. Basically they setup a sting operation and caught Bing in the act, then they went public with the results.  It doesn't look good for Bing so I'll be very interested in their "technical" response.

    Google also advanced their effort to crush Yelp who spurned their buyout offer last year.  They announced further expansion of the HotPot review and recommendation engine with user reviews now factoring into local searches and Google Place pages.  Here's the video.

    Rethinking the marketing value chain. How to structure a marketing team for max results.

    Last updated 7 years ago

    I've been thinking about the optimal structure for a marketing team and came up with the concept of the value wheel.  There isn't any beginning or end to the wheel like there is in a traditional value chain.  That's because all the functions work together in a continuous cycle of inputs and outputs.  

    One key to success is having a strong product manager / product marketer who "owns" responsibility for the product from cradle to grave and is measured by the P&L results.  

    Check out my slide deck that explains the value wheel and provides a deep dive into the product marketing and integrated marketing roles.

    What is Google's local strategy and why should you care?

    Last updated 7 years ago

    A few weeks ago my colleagues and I were discussing Google's strategy to dominate the "local" space in 2011.  As usual, what Google has done to make things better/easier/faster for local consumers has made it more complex for business owners.  In fact, many small businesses may not aware of how all the changes Google has made will impact their ability to acquire customers online. That's why we created this presentation on 


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