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    Is content king? Yup. Just look at @okgo for proof.

    Last updated 7 years ago

    I've liked OK Go ever since I saw the first video they shot in their backyard for $30 and then their viral breakout on YouTube with "Here it goes again."  

    From a marketing perspective, I love that OK Go bootstrapped their "brand" with low-cost but highly original videos that spread via social media. They made it big but then decided to stay true to their origins and left their record label EMI. Now they are on their own with the motto "let's make awesome stuff and see where we can get the money later." 

    They are the poster child for those of us who believe in the shift to content marketing as evidenced by the nearly 24 million views of their latest music video "This too shall pass" (above),  130 million total video views, 481K twitter followers and 300K Facebook fans.

    As an old boss used to say, "it's simple, it's just not easy," meaning that the concept of engaging customers via quality content is a no brainer, but it takes a lot of hard work to get it right.  I'm not as creative as OK Go but I can at least try to kick-out a few posts here and there that engage my friends in the marketing community and hopefully help them in some small way.  

    For the full story on OK Go's philosophy read this Wall Street Journal article from December and be sure to watch the video interview halfway down the page.

    3 Places SMBs Need to Be: Search, Social, Mobile

    Last updated 7 years ago

    This slide from the Web 2.0 conference highlights the three huge and rapidly growing areas where consumers are spending their time.  If small businesses don't have a marketing strategy for search, social and mobile they are missing out on the most important places to get awareness and leads from today's digital consumers.  

    Check out the video. It's 18 minutes of key insights by Mary Meeker on where the market is headed.  In my opinion, she is the leading analyst in the space.  Well worth the time investment.


    Mashable Award: ReachCast named Best Social Media Marketing Service for Small Business @ReachLocal

    Last updated 7 years ago

    My team and I had a ton of fun launching ReachCast last year and are now excited to see all our hard work pay off with this Mashable award and excellent reviews by customers.  

    In summary, ReachCast combines our innovative publishing technology platform with our expert service team to help SMBs build and optimize their Web presence in order to:

    • improve discovery on search engines
    • build a positive reputation
    • drive word-of-mouth through social media marketing

    Official Mashable announcement

    Official press release

    Official blog post

    Improve your sales and marketing by answering three important questions

    Last updated 7 years ago

    The key to success in any marketing project or campaign is to answer these three questions for your prospective customers.  

    1. What problem do you solve?

    In the first few seconds be sure to describe how your product solves the problem (pain point) that the prospect has.  

    Here's an example from my company ReachLocal:  Do you have the time, tools, and expertise to build and manage your web presence?  We developed ReachCast so you don’t have to. It's our fully managed service that optimizes your Web Presence so you get more customers online while still having time to run your business.

    2. What's in it for them?

    Then you need to hit them with the benefits/value they'll receive by solving that problem.  Of course the value must be relevant and compelling to the prospect.  In other words, they must care about and want the benefits. 

    For example:  ReachCast is a full-service solution that gets you more customers from the Web by:

    • Improving your discovery on search engines
    • Using social media to drive more online word-of-mouth and referrals
    • Improving your online reputation with positive reviews

    3. Why you?

    Now that you have the prospect interested in getting those benefits you have to explain why they should buy from you and not someone else.   Make sure to share the most important and compelling reasons.

    For example: ReachCast is a turn-key solution comprised of our market-leading technology and our expert service team called Web Presence Professionals (WPPs). Unlike other products that are DIY, with ReachCast you get a dedicated WPP who does the work for you.  Each WPP is an  expert in search marketing, social media marketing and reputation management.  That means they get you the results you want so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.  We're proud that ReachCast won the Mashable award as "Best Social Media Service for Small Business."

    In summary, this simple approach should be followed across everything you do: advertising, collateral, presentations, landing pages, videos, etc. And of course, good integrated marketing means that you keep your messages consistent in all those vehicles.  Lastly, make sure you communicate quickly with short, compelling content -- you've only got a few seconds to grab the prospect's attention so less is more.  

    Three must-haves for success in 2011

    Last updated 7 years ago

    I've been spending a good bit of time on 2011 marketing plans and thought I would share these three very simple but very important keys to success.  As an old boss used to say, "it's simple, it's just not easy," meaning that the concept is very intuitive but getting there is not so easy.  Take a minute to grade your organization on these three aspects of how you run it. Do you get an A+ on all three?

    1. People – get the right people in right roles. Without the right people to execute it, the best plan in the world is useless. You need people with the right skills/experiences for the role and the right level of drive and passion to be successful.
    2. Ownership – assign ONE and only one owner for each project/product. The best teams have a strong leader who takes full ownership of the project. He/she considers the team's input, makes decisions and constantly drives forward to overcome obstacles and get results. Without that leader, the team will drift, decisions won't get made and the results won't come. Plus, as a manager you'll never get scalable results without a scalable team built with the right people (see point 1). 
    3. Process – use proven processes for repeatable success. Once you have the right people and project owners, you need to follow the 6 P's of planning - proper planning and processes prevent poor performance. Some managers like to use the seat-of-the-pants approach, but this causes lots of inefficiencies and, in my opinion, never outperforms the tried and true methods.  For example, when tackling a new marketing project, following a simple process like creating a detailed key messaging brief prior to starting tactical execution makes a huge difference in the quality and timeliness. 

    So if you want to get more performance for your team consider how you can improve on these three key drivers of success.

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