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    This pic of the @ReachLocal marketing team is so good the National Gallery of Art wants it

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Our team rocks!  Look out 2011 here we come.

    ReachLocal introduces ReachCast to help SMBs build and optimize their Web Presence

    Last updated 7 years ago

    What is ReachCast all about?  

    It's about Web Presence Optimization -- putting more fresh, quality content in more places online to get more customers.  

    How does ReachCast work?  

    Our expert service group called the Web Presence Pros use the ReachCast technology platform to help SMBs build and optimize their entire web presence.

    What are the benefits to local businesses?

    • Search discovery - more leads from Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and over a hundred local directories
    • Social discovery - more fans/followers from social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter
    • Reputation management - more positive online reputation from monitoring the Web for positive/negative content on sites like Yelp, Google Places and many more.

    Where can you get more information?

    Check out the press release, the product page and the official blog.

    So many changes @ Google - What's up with that?

    Last updated 7 years ago

    The local/search/social landscape continues to evolve at an accelerating pace.  And without a doubt Google is leading the charge with a ton of recent changes and innovations.  

    • Google Instant
    • Google Place Pages
    • New Local SERPs layout
    • Updated search algorithm incorporating reviews
    • Google Tags
    • Google Preview
    • Google Boost
    • Google HotPot
    • Groupon (almost)

    All of these serve as further proof that local businesses must have a strategy to build and optimize their entire web presence on an ongoing basis, taking advantage of new developments as they happen.  

    As the leader of our web presence optimization business (ReachCast), my colleague Alex Hawkinson is constantly meeting with the leaders in the market like Google and Facebook and translating what he learns into new features that help our customers.  Be sure to read his very insightful two-part post on the ReachCast blog here and here.

    Photo credit to ReachLocal.

    2 TV Commercials That Caught My Attention @GMBlogs @FedEx

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Saw both commercials today while waiting on Thanksgiving dinner.  

    GM does a really nice job of getting us to believe in their corporate recovery. They do this by using a concept that Americans' value - falling down and getting back up ready to fight.  They use a good mix of failure/recovery scenes from sports (boxer, Evil Kenevel), history (space program) and entertainment/humor (Animal House Pearl Harbor scene).  It definitely held my attention and created an emotional response - which is what an ad is supposed to do but not many achieve this anymore.

    This FedEx commercial is a bit older, but smartly they are running it now during the brouhaha over airport body scans and pat downs.  Good use of humor with the TSA agents criticizing a business traveler's presentation as boring.  

    Ten Things I'm Thankful for this #Thanksgiving

    Last updated 7 years ago

    1. My awesome wife
    2. Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group for realizing that and hiring her
    3. Katie and Jen who make it easy to be a parent (if you're reading this don't let it go to your head)
    4. My dad's health - 90 and still going strong
    5. Gran's health - 83 and still going strong
    6. Cecy for taking such great care of the girls
    7. ReachLocal - the best company and people I've ever worked for/with
    8. My work team - they do great work and are great fun
    9. My volleyball team - they've retaught me the joy competition
    10. Carmel & Zoey, the two cutest pup-dogs ever


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